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L2D Origins, Mission & Team


There was a girl. She had been approached by a boy and they really liked each other. Soon they started dating. Things were going along well but the girl began to notice certain things that she didn’t exactly like or agree with going on but she ignored them. She told herself that they would either go away or get better if she just waited patiently. The boy also noticed little things that the girl would say and do that made him wonder if she was still into him but he, too, just kept on going along as if they would correct themselves. They didn’t. Soon boy and girl were arguing about little things and decided that they didn’t love each other anymore and broke up with hurt feelings deciding never to love again. END OF STORY.


NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT! Love is a many, splendored thing and everyone deserves the experience of good, sound, real love. Once girl saw the signs that boy was signaling to her she had an opportunity to ask what they meant and do whatever it took to address the issues. Boy picked up on what girl did but never acted on the information. Both of them SAW the SIGNS but ignored what they pointed to…distance, distraction and doubt. Had they been LiSENSED 2 DATE they would have understood the importance of responding to the signs immediately and making the appropriate adjustments to TURN things around and keep them on TRACK.

Dr. Torri Love Griffin, LPC

Thus the LiSENSE 2 DATE Relationship Training Programs for Teens, College Students & Adults was born. THE MISSION is to help individuals and couples avoid crashing and burning on the highway of love and enjoy the thrill of the ride. After obtaining the Dating Permit and learning the basic signs and signals and applying the Rules of the Road, dating is an enjoyable experience. The LiSENSE 2 DATE is one of those paths.


Everyone has an innate intelligence and this program uses simple metaphors and provides practical tools to help to use COMMON SENSE, to remove NON SENSE so that relationships MAKE SENSE!

STOP!   Consider this FACT:

You Need to Get A

If you need a license to drive; hunt; fish; get married; own a pet; to sell real estate; perform in public; or own a gun, you can


Our vision is to establish a nationwide team of facilitators to teach this program inside of schools and help curb the problems with teen dating and the increase of violence due to a lack of understanding about proper relationships. It takes a dedicated and conscious team to make this happen.

Dr. Torri Love Griffin, LPC, 

Relationship & Teen Dating Expert


Dr. Torri Love Griffin, LPC

L2D Founder and Master Facilitator

Millicent St.Claire

Trainer and L2D Facilitator

Tawan Perry

Campus Speaker L2D Trainer

Carolyn Mozee

Marketing Director

© 2015 Proudly Created with Love

LiSENSE 2 DATE | Dr. Torri Love, LPC, Founder & Facilitator

P.O. Box 360226, Decatur, GA 30034


LiSENSE 2 DATE is Trademarked and all educational materials copywritten.

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