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A Comprehensive Program for Healthy Relationships

The LiSENSE 2 DATE Relationship Program is a 3 PHASE Program designed for Teens, College Students & Adults


The LiSENSE 2 DATE Relationship Training Program offers a comprehensive set of tools that are designed for Teens, College Students and Adults. Its divided into three distinct phases and sucessful completion depends on full participation of each component to help assure that participants are able to successfully navigate through the rockiest conditions on the highway of love. Although presented in a light-hearted manner, these issues are of grave concern in our world today.

PHASE 1 - The LiSENSE 2 DATE Dating Permit

The permit allows daters to master the basics and how to take responsiblity for the signs and signals they are giving.


They will also learn to recognize those coming from fellow dating prospects and how to respond appropriately. The first Phase of Training Includes:

  • Dating in the New Millennium - This is NOT Your Grandma's Dating Scene!

  • Understanding the Rules of The Road

  • Using all of your 5 Senses

  • Learning about the 8 Basic Signs and Signals of Dating

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Your LiSENSE 2 DATE offers full licensure after completing all educational modules and sitting for the exam. Thus supporting responsible dating behaviors without the concern of crashing and burning unnecessarily due to reading and ignoring (or not believing) the signs OR giving the wrong signals. Phase 2 Training includes:

  • Pre-requisite: Have your Dating Permit from Phase 1

  • Know your Personal Dating Vehicle and Vehicle History

  • Dating Defensively

  • Addressing Traffic Violations

  • Recognize the Danger of Dark and Lonely Highways to avoid becoming a date rape victim

  • Preparing for and Taking Your LiSENSURE Exam

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PHASE 3 - Getting On The Road - Advanced Stage

Activate your skills and get on the road with others through Advanced Lessons. These lessons provide personal coaching and navigation for those who are interacting with others on the highway of love. 


This Phase is for those who are fully committed to integrating these principles into their lives and is set up as a membership component. Members will have completed Phases 1 & 2 of the LiSENSE 2 DATE Relationship Training Program.


  • Completion of the LiSENSE 2 DATE Phase 1 & 2 is a pre-requisite of Phase 3

  • Lessons I Learned from a Truck and other Roadside Vehicles

  • Access to Video and Webinar Series

  • On Track Couples Dating Coaching for Adults

  • You Can Leave Before You Go Coaching (for Survivors of Domestic Violence)

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